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Friday, February 5, 1999


More contamination found at DPW

One of the monitoring wells installed at the department of public works around the site of the recently removed underground fuel tanks has shown evidence of additional soil and groundwater contamination.

According to town administrator David DeManche, water samples brought up from the well last week displayed a sheen indicative of diesel fuel seepage into the groundwater. Immediately after the detection, the town notified the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). A DEP representative inspected the site and concluded that the most likely source of the contamination in the water was surrounding soil contaminated by fuel leakage from the old underground tanks.

Clean-up work was begun early this week, and the DEP has required more soil around the contaminated well to be removed. DeManche reported that the DEP did not consider the recently discovered contamination an event which required an immediate response, and that there was no chance that the new above-ground fuel storage tank was leaking. DeManche also indicated that there is no threat to the water quality in neighboring wells.

Contamination of the soil was originally found at the DPW site last fall in the course of removing the old underground fuel storage tanks in preparation for installation of a new above-ground storage tank. All of the tainted soil was believed to have been removed under DEP order, and monitoring wells were dug to ascertain whether the clean-up was complete.

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