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Friday, February 5, 1999

A delightful issue

To the Editor:

We were surprised, and delighted, to find a copy of the Carlisle Mosquito with our regular issue of the Concord Journal of January 14. Surprised because, well, because it was there. Delighted because it had two items that were particularly meaningful to us as residents of Concord for only three years.

First, we saw Wendy Davis' picture on the front page, along with a story about her recounting her march to Montgomery in 1965 at the First Parish Unitarian Church in Concord. Then we found our daughter-in-law Lee Means and our granddaughter Lauren in a photograph of the Girl Scout cookie project. We, being of Wendy's generation, and strongly in support of that movement that she so valiantly involved herself in, were grateful to the Mosquito for featuring her story. I (Bruce) was privileged to know Jim and Wendy in the early '50s because I had moved to Carlisle then to rent half of the old house opposite the library.

The good news for our time is that Wendy's efforts have paid off! Life in these United States is a lot better for her efforts and those of all who supported her and her cause. We hope our Carlisle granddaughter will come to understand what this was all about, and how Girl Scout cookies can actually contribute to making good things happen.

Bruce and Mary Bailey

Forum on teen drinking planned

To the Editor:

In November a powerful and well-attended dialogue took place among students, parents, school administrators, police and medical personnel about teen drinking in Concord and Carlisle.

As a follow-up, students have planned a public forum to continue the dialogue. A panel of fifteen students will discuss their views of teen drinking, its prevalence in Concord and Carlisle and what they think can be done to improve the situation. After the student panel presentation, all will be invited to join small discussion groups to explore creative ways for students, parents, and the community to better deal with the issues.

This is of importance to us all parents, teachers, friends, churches, town officials. Please come, listen and participate February 11, at 7:30 in the CCHS Library.

Jean Ford Webb
Chuck Stevenson
CCHS Parent Association co-presidents

Tenure is not certification

To the Editor:

I must take issue with one statement made by Jim Sparks in his otherwise excellent Forum article on teacher certification. Certification is not the same as tenure, as he says. However, the difference he cites is not valid. Both certified and tenured teachers can be dismissed after due process. Contrary to myth, tenure does not make a teacher immune from dismissal for cause.

Susan Sturgeon
Blaisdell Drive

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