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Friday, February 5, 1999


Meet Paul DeRensis

Paul DeRensis feels that he knows Carlisle already. DeRensis is a senior partner in the firm of Deutsch Williams Brooks DeRensis Holland & Drachman, P.C. that was just appointed new town counsel. He is also currently the chairman of the board of selectmen in the town of Sherborn, a town DeRensis calls a "sister community" to Carlisle and the town counsel search committee report calls "a community with a strikingly similar profile to Carlisle." When Sherborn looks to what comparable communities are doing, it always looks to Carlisle, said DeRensis, who described both towns as "frugal, rural and environmentally sensitive."

Experience in having served on various town boards and committees in Sherborn over the years allows DeRensis to bring an additional dimension to the role of town counsel. DeRensis considers himself a "hands-on town counsel" who likes to be informed about what the town is trying to accomplish and not just be asked a narrow legal question. "I welcome the opportunity to answer questions beyond the strictly technical that have to do with what is the best way to accomplish the goals the selectmen may articulate."

DeRensis' public interest work has involved matters of particular interest to Carlisle. In the past he has worked with the Conservation Law Foundation in drafting legislation relating to land preservation. He has also been chairman of the Sherborn Groundwater Protection Committee and the water supply protection committee of an area that involves 11 communities southwest of Boston.

DeRensis is a 1966 graduate of Harvard College and a 1969 graduate of Harvard Law School. When asked what it was like to be in law school during the late 60s, DeRensis responded that it was harder than it is now. He also dates his interest in public service to those years. A government major in college, DeRensis said that he wanted a legal career that had a public service element. "I regard being a lawyer for a community as public service," said DeRensis. "It's about doing the right thing, not just being legally correct."

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