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Friday, January 29, 1999


Music teacher Angela DiPace demonstrated the choral music program in the Carlisle School by orchestrating school committee members in a speaking chant. They repeated words after DiPace in a steady beat, a fast or slow tempo, a loud or soft tone. "This is a way students, kindergartners through third graders, learn about and feel rhythm" so they will ...more

A million dollars is yours to spend, according to local authority. You have not won the lottery, you are a student participating in the million-dollar project and the local authority is the consortium of fifth-grade teachers in the Carlisle Public School. The fifth-grade academic curriculum was presented at the school committee meeting on January 19. ...more

I was hoping there would be a platform tent I could climb into (there was) and maybe even a picture of Camp Pinewood (there wasn't). Of course, I hated Camp Pinewood so I don't know what I was after, perhaps the camp experience I wished I had had. For adults remembering (or wishing they did), this is a fun exhibit; for kids thinking about camp, maybe worrying ...more

On the evening of Monday, January 25, Carlisle Cub Scout Pack 135 held their annual Derby night. ...more

It was two weeks before Christmas when I first heard about Paul Hackbarth's latest endeavor, Inner Strength, a form of Oriental bodywork, which offers chair massage and Shiatsu. There was some vague talk about Hackbarth coming into the Mosquito office to demonstrate some of the techniques of his new treatment program designed to relieve tension ...more

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