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Friday, January 29, 1999

The Gleason Library building committee shocked the finance committee on January 20 when they said that the proposed expansion could cost $400,000 more than previous estimates. ...more

Three former eighth-grade students will appear before a judge in the Concord District Court, charged with "destruction or injury to a schoolhouse" as a result of the spray paint vandalism at the Carlisle Public Schools on the early morning of June 19. ...more

The board of selectmen will be seeking proposals for the placement of wireless communications facilities on town land. Town administrator David DeManche said the board's decision was predicated on the belief that the construction of cell towers in town was inevitable and the use of town land afforded an opportunity to generate revenue and control their placement. ...more

They are two of Concord-Carlisle High School's most accomplished and admired teachers who have ignited the flame of their subjects in their students as only rare teachers can. They are two of the teachers people are talking about when they refer to the "distinguished faculty" in Concord-Carlisle schools. But come June 17, Drs. Elliot Lilien and Wilson ...more

In the Carlisle Middle School, as in life, math is everywhere. Not just a required course, math is also a popular extracurricular activity, and contests and special exams have resulted in high honors reflecting on the school's overall math program. ...more

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