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Friday, January 29, 1999


Carlisle Cub Scout Derby Night

On the evening of Monday, January 25, Carlisle Cub Scout Pack 135 held their annual Derby night.

Downstairs, in the Corey exercise room, the second-grade Scouts raced their space ships along tracks made of monofilament line. The races were originally designed to be run in 11 heats of six space ships each, but when track six showed a tendency to buck any ship riding in that lane, an adjustment was quickly made to run heats of five at a time, instead. The vast majority of the space ships made it through the evening in one piece, which was a challenge!

The boys designed and constructed their space ships themselves. The design themes ranged from the patriotic red, white and blue, in Den 14, through the paisley patterns in Den 12, and on to consistent "team coloring" plans, in Dens 13 and 11. Congratulations to all the boys, and thanks to our older Webelos Scout volunteers (Ross Wagner, Eric Lipseir, and Charlie Holleman), and numerous adult volunteers.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the cafeteria, the third and fourth graders were involved in the Pinewood Derby races. The boys had constructed their own cars, within a carefully constrained set of rules. In particular, although graphite lubricants are permitted on the car, all such lubrication must be done at home and not at the school. The weight also is limited to a maximum of five ounces. Some Scouts go to great lengths to both minimize the air resistance and maximize the weight.

Approximately 50 cars were entered. The fifth-grade Webelos Scouts arbitrated a design contest to determine the best decorated and most original cars.

The race was held on a 30-foot sloped track. Within the individual dens, multiple heats were held to determine which cars were the fastest in each den. From the 16 finalists, elimination matches were held, until the winners were determined. First place was won by Peter Lind, racing what looks to all the world like a ketchup bottle! Second, third, and fourth places went to Erich Seifert, Clark Blakewell, and Marty Spears, respectively. A good time was had by all!

Results will be announced and awards presented at the Blue and Gold Dinner in March.

Galligan is assistant pack leader.

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