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Friday, January 22, 1999

Thanks from Friends of Tall Pines

To the Editor:

This letter is written on behalf of the Friends of Tall Pines to thank the Trustees of the Swanson Family Trust, JMS Realty Trust and the Susan and Peter Realty Trust for the charitable gift of Lot#10 to the town of Carlisle. Lot#10 is adjacent to the Carlisle Tall Pines subdivision and is approximately three acres in size, with a current market value in excess of $300,000. This lot will provide a buffer zone for one of the few remaining stands of virgin white pine and eastern hemlock trees in New England. The trees are known locally as the Carlisle Tall Pines with an estimated age of 300 years.

According to historical reference, the Carlisle Tall Pines are located in the western corner of town on property that was originally part of the 800- acre Robbins' grant, which included Iand in what is now South Chelmsford, Acton, Westford and Carlisle.

In 1902, Mr. Warren H. Manning from Billerica obtained public funds from the Massachusetts Forestry Association to purchase ten acres of the 800 acre parcel. At that time there were approximately 100 Tall Pine trees standing. The tallest tree measured 122.5 feet in height. Subsequently Mr. Manning deeded the land over to the Appalachian Mountain Club.

In 1912 the Appalachian Mountain Club obtained additional acreage to help preserve the habitat that nurtured the tall trees; they also provided the appropriate thinning of hard woods to give the Tall Pines the ecological conditions needed to thrive and survive. However, in spite of the Appalachian Mountain Club's efforts, the number of Tall Pines declined. The ravages of time and the elements, such as the 1938 hurricane, added to their demise. During the Great Depression, the Appalachian Mountain Club sold the acreage, with the Carlisle Tall Pines, to the State of Massachusetts.

Hopefully, because of the gracious and very generous gift from the Swanson family, the remaining Tall Pines and ancient hemlocks will live on for many more years.

Ruth Toscano
Judith Lane
Friends of Tall Pines

School committee sends commendations

To the Editor:,

On behalf of the Carlisle School Committee, I want to commend and congratulate Carlisle teachers, administrators, parents, and students for Carlisle's exemplary performance on the 1998 MCAS exams. Like them or not, these challenging state tests measure more than how much students remember of what they learned between kindergarten and fourth grade and between fourth and eighth grade. They require students to demonstrate understanding and to apply what they know. Seeing Carlisle listed at the top, or near the top, of each MCAS ranking released last month should fill all of us with pride. The results also confirm publicly the evidence of academic excellence that we on the school committee see at every meeting during grade-level and department presentations.

As Peter Senge reminded us several years ago at our first Carlisle Education Forum, maintaining a successful school is a community-wide effort. We are lucky to have such hard-working and dedicated teachers and administrators who share and reinforce the high standards and expectations that the parents instill in their children. The results of the rigorous and demanding MCAS tests demonstrate that Carlisle is indeed establishing a world-class school. Carlisle's students are thoughtful and filled with a desire for excellence.

We on the school committee are proud of our students, and we are proud of the teachers who have shaped them. It's wonderful to be in a community committed to education, which is a commitment to the future. Thank you for your stellar performance and for your support.


David A. Dockterman, Ed.D.
Chair, Carlisle School Committee

School boxtop collection needs your help

To the Editor:

General Mills may not be offering the Valentine-doubling program this year. However, Stop & Shop is offering a special program from January 25 through February 21. If you purchase General Mills products, you will receive a coupon for 20 bonus boxtops (a $3 value for each coupon). Please participate, to try and make up for the lack of boxtop doubling. There are General Mills coupon books available at Daisy's and the post office. Please pick up the coupon book, then purchase your favorite General Mills products and get the 20 bonus boxtop checkout coupons to me. I've been cutting and counting like crazy, last count for this group (and I'm not done yet) is about $500. Please remember if your child wants to be in the participation drawing, make sure the full name, grade and teacher's name is on the envelope. Keep are doing a great job. If you have any questions, call me at 287-4284.

Kathy Hassey
Fifty Acre Way

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