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Friday, January 15, 1999


BOH grants waiver for tank placement

"I usually get things right on the money," explained installer Phil Heidke at the January 5 board of health public hearing. When the constructed septic system on Lot 14, Kimball Road was surveyed, the septic tank was found to be 93 feet from the wetland boundary instead of the 100 feet as shown on the plan. Since town regulations require the entire septic system to be more that 100 feet from the edge of any wetland, Heidke was requesting a waiver from the board of health.

Heidke explained that with the tank in its current location there is a gentler slope to the fill and that the pipe from the tank is straight instead of having a bend as would be required if the tank were placed as shown on the plan. The tank was placed in the ground after the leaching bed was installed in a very tight area. He explained that the location of the tank was not staked, as there was a ten-foot high pile of dirt from the bed excavation. To move the tank, Heidke would have to further disturb the area, pull up a walkway, put the bend in the pipe, and remove some dirt from the corner of the excavation.

In the board's discussion, member Skip Saunders recalled that the board has occasionally faced similar problems with tank placement in the past. In one instance, the board required that the tank be removed but Saunders said, in that case, the system had been less finished than the one currently being considered. In another instance, he said the board had granted a waiver. The board heard that in this instance the house is up and work on the trim is progressing.

The board unanimously voted to grant the builder, William Costello, a waiver for the septic system "as built."

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