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Friday, January 15, 1999

In defense of a neighbor

To the Editor:

I am writing to defend the good name of my neighbor Joan Duffy, whose dispute over water drainage onto her property was reported in this newspaper last Friday. Unfortunately for Joan, the "facts" of this matter as presented to the ConsCom by Edgar Miller were incomplete and cast Ms. Duffy in a most unfavorable light. The Mosquito printed only one side of this story and defamed Ms. Duffy's name based solely on hearsay, without checking the actual facts of this case. It is appalling how easily and how often this kind of character assassination takes place through this town's newspaper.

Joan Duffy is a very nice woman and a pleasant, kind and caring neighbor. For her to be disparaged at a meeting where she was not present and for the content of the meeting to be reported as fact in the Mosquito is a disgrace.

Patricia Kilfoyle
Red Pine Drive

You did it again

To the Editor:

"Toys for Tots" received resounding support again this season with your generous donation of hundreds of toys for needy children. On behalf of Daisy's Market, the U.S. Marines and the delighted children, we thank the patrons and the many Carlisle friends for your generosity.

Lynn Nelson
Hunneman Coldwell Banker

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