Friday, May 22, 1998

Can't we share?

To the Editors:

As residents of Elizabeth Ridge Road, we were recently invited to a meeting of the board of health where a discussion concerning the replacement of fuel tanks at the department of public works (DPW) was held. The question was raised at that meeting whether the DPW could share fuel with the fire department rather than replacing its existing tanks at considerable expense to the town. The primary reason for not sharing appears to be to have an in-town back-up source of fuel for an emergency, should one system fail.

Given the sensitive environmental location of these replacement tanks and the current town financial situation, we would ask those town officials responsible for this decision to carefully consider whether it is necessary to make this investment, or whether our town departments can cooperatively use a common resource, thus minimizing both expenditures and environmental impact.

Rick Blum,

Jennine Blum

Elizabeth Ridge Road