Friday, May 22, 1998

Ballantine thanks voters

To the Editor:

I would like to thank all who voted in the town elections on Monday, May 11, for taking the time to brave the weather. I am particularly thankful to all those who supported me in my campaign and in the voting booth. Thanks also go to the revitalized League of Women Voters for bringing the debates back to Carlisle.

Greg Peterson was a most worthy and capable opponent. And his daughter, Kate, was an awesome campaigner—you probably saw her at the transfer station and the polls. Greg has already done a yeoman's service to Carlisle. His work on the O'Rourke purchase and the Carlisle Land Trust should not go unsung. We owe him and many others involved in the transaction a world of gratitude for their patience and time. Greg will have many opportunities to serve the town and run again. I encourage him to do so.

Campaigns have a way of focusing people on the issues. For me this was particularly true. As a new member of the board of selectmen, I would first like to help the town come up with a more explicit long-term plan (expected growth in operating budgets and services) and longer-term capital expenditure (land, library, a new school, town center water, etc.) Second, I would like to make committee meetings and town government more accessible to the citizens of Carlisle. Some of this just means communicating more clearly, but we also need to try other ways of encouraging discussion, i.e., coffees, open forums, etc. And finally, I expect to enjoy being part of the town government.

As many of you know, I have been part of the Mosquito and Carlisle Communications, Inc. for the past twelve years. As a selectman, I can no longer serve on the CCI board of directors. The people working on the paper and the board have been particularly important to me; I love the paper and I will miss being part of the Mosquito.

John Ballantine

Fiske Street