Friday, May 22, 1998


Town Election, 1998

by Marilyn Harte

The candidates stepped forward. The League of Women Voters saw to it that a public forum was held for townspeople to meet the candidates and hear what each had to say. A substantial number of voters (31 percent of the 2,967 registered voters) showed up at the polls last Monday, a rainy and windy day, to cast their votes for the candidates, as well as six ballot questions. All in all, in 1998 the electoral process worked well in Carlisle.

For a change we had choices, and they were good choices. Each of the candidates for selectman had served on other town boards or on committees serving the town, and each was knowledgeable of the problems facing this community.

When no nominees for planning board appeared on the ballot, four write-in candidates signed up to run for the two openings. Unfortunately, because of an election law that prohibits candidates'' names from being placed within 150 yards of the polls, some voters could not remember the names and addresses of the candidates and left the planning board boxes blank. It would be nice if we could find some way to remedy this problem in future elections.

Following discussions and affirmative votes at Town Meeting on the merits of new ballfields on the Banta-Davis Land, additional operating funds for the Carlisle Public Schools, and other expenditures requiring Proposition 2-1/2 overrides, voters went to the polls to approve these questions on the ballot.

To the candidates who lost, we urge you to stay involved and run again. You have a lot to offer. To the League of Women Voters, we say thank you and look forward to more candidates forums in the future. To the townspeople who attended Town Meeting and took time to vote, we say thank you to you, most of all. In the end, it's you who make town government work.