Friday, May 22, 1998

National Honor Society inducts new members

submitted by Tom Curtin

On Wednesday, May 6, the Concord-Carlisle High School's Minuteman Chapter of the National Honor Society inducted 79 new members. Chapter advisor and social studies teacher Dr. Robert Furey joined Principal Elaine DiCicco and keynote speaker Dr. Douglas Powell on stage.

After the welcoming address by National Honor Society President and senior Evan Zeisel, DiCicco spoke to the gathering. Her pride in the students' accomplishments was evident. So, too, was the seriousness with which she regards the oath the students were about to take. "This is no small commitment," she said, "particularly in a society which often accepts expediency, minimal effort and rationalization as givens. We all applaud you for striving to do your best in all things and for not being afraid to put aside mediocrity in search of high ideals and lofty goals."

The principal's address was followed by the candle-lighting ceremony which highlights the National Honor Society's values. After Lindsay MacDonald's introduction, executive committee members spoke about each quality while lighting a symbolic candle. Meghan Maro spoke of scholarship, Katey Williams of service, Keith Maley of leadership, and Lauren Sardina of character.

Balancing work, love and play

Dr. Powell then addressed the gathering in his typically upbeat and insightful manner. In addition to being director of research in behavior science at Harvard University Health Services, a founding partner of the Powell and Wagner psychological consulting firm, and author of four books, Powell is a long-term supporter of CCHS, where two of his own children graduated. Powell's talk, entitled "How to be smart and be normal," focused on the importance of balancing one's life in the

spheres of working, loving and playing. Powell, who along with Furey had done research in this area, pointed out that a lack of balance can produce stress and compromise a person's ability to function effectively in all spheres. He concluded with suggestions for coping with stress.

Powell's address was followed by the inductees being called to the stage to receive their membership pins and certificates. They were then formally inducted by Zeisel, who administered the National Honor Society oath.

In an interview prior to the ceremony, Furey spoke highly of the inductees, who had lived up to the standards of the society. He noted that, contrary to the assumption that the increasing number of inductees represents a lowering of the standards, the minimum scholarship requirement for consideration is higher than ever at 3.33. Academically eligible students must also fulfill a number of community service requirements for NHS over and above the 40 hours of community service required for graduation. NHS service activities include two town-wide clean-ups, a can drive for Open Table, making sandwiches for Haley House, and a phonathon for the Concord-Carlisle Scholarship Fund.

Furey notes that "Serving the community makes clear to the students through their actions that, while admission to NHS is an honor recognizing their accomplishments, it is also a commitment to continue to exemplify the values of scholarship, service, leadership and character."


This year's new members are: Petra Aldrich, Gabriel Allen-Fahlander, Ashley

Anderson, Carrie Andreson, Rachel Atwater-Rhodes, Jessica Babine, Jason Badrinarain, Michael Balulescu, Joshua Baratz, Jennifer Bates, Erica Berman, Laura Bilodeau, Caroline Bombrun, Emily Butters, Robert

Caldwell, Troy Chang, Louise Charkoudian, Bryan Choi, Jacob Chused, Nicole Courtemanche, Rocio Digon, Maigret Fay, Daniel Ferguson, Dana Gauthier, Jennie Granato, Joshua Holt, Laurie Horwitz, Jovan Hsu, Evan Jaysane-Darr, Emily Kennedy, Rebecca Kunnes, Keith Lane, Sarah Laverty, Caroline Litwack, Stephanie Lombard, Elizabeth Loughlin, Jonathan MacKinnon, Kylah McNeil, Justin Medoff, Nichola Meserve, Noah Miller, Lauren Modeen, Sarah Mollo-Christensen, Megan Moran-Gates, Rebecca Muse-Orlinoff, Jessica Myles, Usha Narayana, Katherine Newkirk, Lauren Oleson, Claire Owen, Joseph Randall, Andrew Robichaud, Rachel Ropeik, Abigail Ruettgers, Erin Ryan, Meaghan Sanders, Jacqueline Sargent, Katie Sauer, Erik Shaner, Lauren Shear, Vincent Siegel, Jennifer Smirlock, Laurie Spitler, Helen Stevens, Jonathan Supnik, Gail Sweeney, Socheata Tauch, Alicia Taylor, Katherine Thompson, Patrick Toomey, Amy Van Deusen, Hilary Watt, Stephen Wells, Janelle Whalen, Jake White, Elizabeth Wilson, Jamie Wine, Laura Woodward, Brian Zagata.

Carlisle students are in bold.

Tom Curtin is a guidance counselor at CCHS, currently on leave.