Friday, May 22, 1998


DPW decides on above-ground tanks

by Bill Churchill

In a continuation of a discussion begun at the April 14 board of health meeting the department of public works and board members agreed to replace the underground gasoline and diesel tanks with above-ground units. By law, the DPW tanks on their site near the transfer station must be removed this year.

The DPW was unable to meet the underground regulations calling for a 250-foot separation from surface water and 4-foot placement above high water. Alternatively, board of health engineer Rob Frado had suggested that a tight tank be placed in an underground concrete vault with a 100-milliliter rubber bladder surrounding the tank. However, the board asked the DPW to look at alternatives.

According to board agent Linda Fantasia's notes from the May 12 meeting, the DPW proposed an above-ground 4,000-gallon dual-compartment tank design costing $20,000 more than the original underground proposal; installation in a vault would have cost an additional $40,000.

When asked why the DPW could not share tanks with the fire department, DPW superintendent Gary Davis responded that if the tanks were inaccessible or not operable for any reason, the town would have no other means of filling vehicles in town during an emergency.

The new above-ground tanks will be located in the same place as the old underground tanks. Final designs are expected to be presented at the board's May 26 meeting.