Friday, May 15, 1998
Article 9: Ballfields on Banta-Davis  
The Tulip Garden -poem Barbara Bennett
Spring sports or the maiden voyage of the Disco Bus Barbara Boardman

Book Corner: National Poetry Month

Peggy Hilton
Carlisle Calendar  
Environmental Conference Caroline M. Cardiasmenos
Since Schlosberg's murder, Carlisle family has campaigned for justice Kathy Coyle
Daniel Holzman Write-in Candidate for Planning Board  
Fargo sponsors U-PLAN seminar in Concord  
Beware–wetland indicators are not always obvious Seba Gaines
Middle schools to compete Ben Gould
Carlisle's 'rural character'—What does it mean? Marilyn Harte

Editorial: Will You Be There?

Marilyn Harte
Town Meeting to convene on Monday Mary Hult

Forum: Small Pines

Jean Keskulla
Birds: a poem Jean Keskulla
Koerners reply Nancy and Bill Koerne
Police blotter & Fire  
Long-term caps supports ballfields Claudia Miller
Special Town Meeting Claudia Miller
Existing, approved and proposed debt Nancy Pierce
Making Music Together Rachel Pinsky
Support for John Ballantine Caren Ponty

Restaurant Review: The Fife and Drum Restaurant

School committee clarifies override impact Burt Rubenstein
Hokkaido Homestays Vincent Siegel
Are we getting value for our high school dollar? Mike Sturgeon
Suzanne Whitney Smith Candidate for School Committee  
Town Meeting: a guide for new (and old) residents  
Need for funding is clear: letter David E. Watson
Override does not represent extravagance: letter Wendell G. Sykes
Arizona calling... letter Miss Heather Eppley Clarendon Elementary School
...tell us about Massachusetts: letter Matt & Travis
Vote for Kate Reid letter Beth Hambleton
A coffee for Ballantine letter Catherine J. Galligan
Correction to fact sheet letter Bob Fidler
Woodsman, spare that tree? letter Anon
Support for Kate Reid letter Sherry Dillon
Write-in candidate for planning board letter Dan Holzman
Looking for Chinese slides letter Barbara Meyer