Friday, May 1, 1998


Restaurant Review

The Fife and Drum Restaurant

Minuteman Science-Technology High School

758 Marrett Road

Lexington, MA

781-861-6500 (x270)

by Joan Parker

If you have time during the week, you can almost have a budget Spa Day in Lexington. Minuteman Tech (on Route 2A in Lexington) offers facials, manicures and all sorts of special hair treatments including foils, frosts and perms as well as a cut and blow-dry. The prices are wonderfully low and the students enthusiastic and so eager to please. They take their education seriously and definitely are well-trained. A short while ago, my friend Pamela and I decided to spring for a facial (senior price $3). During my facial my student cosmetologist asked if she might also do my make-up as she needed to earn the credit. The cost would be zero. I decided to let her do the "works." She carefully applied base and the rest and though I don't usually wear such a complete "face" during the day, I must say she did a very nice job. She was concerned that my hair had gotten messed so she also carefully styled and fixed it. After this lovely experience, Pamela and I strolled through their most attractive and reasonably priced gift shop. They have a good selection of quality goods with student help eager to please.

We asked about lunch at the school and were directed to the Fife and Drum Restaurant where we got the next-to-last table (the rest had been reserved earlier). The prices were astoundingly low and the food well prepared. We had the choice of two appetizers that were free, carrot soup or tossed salad. Other appetizers were offered such as clam chowder at $.75 per cup or $1.25 per bowl. The carrot soup proved to be very well flavored with a touch of ginger.

Pamela ordered the honey-glazed baked chicken breast with rice pilaf and vegetable and I ordered the roasted salmon with garlic cream sauce, potato and vegetable. The salmon was $5.95 and chicken $4.95. Other entrees offered were scallops puttanesca with farfalle pasta at $5.95, beef tenderloin roularde with béarnaise sauce, potato and vegetable at $5.95 and tuna salad wrap with fresh fruit at $3.95. If you think this is just for little old ladies, think again. The majority of the patrons in the restaurant were business men who had all made reservations.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday there is a ten percent discount for seniors and, if you combine this with a trip to Lexington Gardens, you can also take advantage of their senior discount on Wednesday.

The dessert list had several choices from which Pamela chose the Linzertorte and we shared it for the sum total of $.75. It also was well prepared and a generous portion.

I can't say enough good things about the training and the enthusiasm of the students. I hope you will call ahead and experience this terrific luncheon.