Friday, May 1, 1998

Koerners reply

To the Editor:

We appreciated Mary Hult's clear and thoughtful editorial last week on the subject of changing the treasurer and collector's positions from elected to appointed at the end of our current term.

We enjoy our work and look forward to continuing in these jobs for some time. But when we retire, we would like to know that the town can look at a broad base of applicants to fill the positions. Changing the positions to appointed would eliminate the requirement that the jobs be held by Carlisle residents. We would hope that the jobs would continue to be filled by qualified and experienced people and this would be most likely to happen if the candidates could be drawn from surrounding areas in addition to Carlisle.

Shifting the appointing authority and management from the general electorate to the selectmen places a great deal of responsibility on those five individuals. We assume that they will use their skills and resources to do this well. These are changes of great importance, and we hope the citizens will carefully consider the implications when making their decisions.

Nancy and Bill Koerner

South Street

Treasurer and Tax Collector