Friday, May 1, 1998

Town Meeting to convene on Monday

by Mary Hult

It's hard to know what is more likely to make Monday night's Town Meeting historic. Will it be the decisions the town makes on a proposed recreational complex and budget override or is it that Carlisle's moderator of 32 years, Pete Simonds, will not be up at the podium?

Town Meeting is scheduled to convene on Monday, May 4 at 7 p.m. in Corey Auditorium. However, because Simonds is scheduled to have hip replacement surgery on April 30, he has asked School Street resident and former selectman Howard Hensleigh to take his place at the meeting. According to Simonds, Hensleigh has not moderated a Town Meeting but has traditionally moderated the town caucus. Simonds said he would meet with Hensleigh to review the Warrant.


As for the agenda of the meeting, it is always a mystery which issues will draw the most debate, but the most likely suspects are:

ballfields on Banta-Davis (Article 9)

operating budget override, largely for Carlisle School (Article 5)

a new bylaw for the re-use of barns and historic buildings (Article 23)

a change to appointment for the treasurer and tax collector (Articles 18 and 19)

purchase of an ambulance, and plow/sander attachment (Articles 16 and 27)

However, there is much more and with 30 articles on the Warrant for the Special and Annual Town Meeting (see pages 811) officials are anticipating that it will probably be necessary to reconvene on Tuesday, May 5.

Town elections

Town elections will follow on Monday, May 11 at the Town Hall. There are now four write-in candidates for two planning board seats: Dan Holzman, Ron O'Reilly, Andrew Ostrum and Katherine T. Reid. Voters will be expected to correctly spell their candidate's name and address, and mark an "X" on the ballot.

Two contests also exist for the board of selectmen, which will be expanded to five members this year. Competing for the one-year term are John Ballantine and Greg Peterson. Charles Parker and Burt Rubenstein are vying for the two-year seat. All other candidates are unopposed.

The voter will also face six ballot questions. However, a negative vote at the Town Meeting on any of the following issues would render the vote at the polls meaningless; voter approval is required at both places for passage.

Briefly, the questions ask, should:

the treasurer be appointed?

the tax collector be appointed?

the town assess $115,000 for education, public safety and general government?

the town bond a new ambulance?

the town bond new athletic fields?

the town assess $20,000 for DPW sanding unit and plow?