Friday, May 1, 1998

Write-in candidate for planning board

To the Editor:

I am running for the planning board because I believe that my 20+ years of experience as a professional civil engineer and company manager may be useful to the board in evaluating the complex issues which are on the immediate horizon for Carlisle. My work experience directly related to planning board activities includes: design of water and waste water projects, design and evaluation of grading, drainage and roadway design, five years of professional consulting to the Carlisle Board of Health on Title 5 (septic system) design issues while employed by Barrientos & Associates and design of telecommunications sites.

In the next few years, the board will be faced with six or more subdivisions which must be evaluated under the new rules and regulations recently adopted. I hope that my experience working with other planning boards may assist in interpreting the rules, and implementing them fairly.

Other pressing issues include the possibility of supplying town water to residents near the center who are impacted by contaminated wells. The solution to this problem could involve hazardous waste treatment, or might require development of a public well with associated piping and treatment. It is certain to involve considerable expense and will directly involve the planning board.

The board also needs to take a proactive look at future development, with the aim of identifying likely development projects before they come before the board officially. The planning board needs to work closely with other boards to identify and prioritize future potential land acquisitions. I believe that the town needs to look much more closely at private/public partnerships which can provide revenue to the town while helping us accomplish some of our many (expensive) goals, such as new ballfields, a permanent septic system for the school, more publicly owned open space, additional trails, and paved walkways/bike-paths.

The planning board is on the sharp end of the stick for guiding and controlling development, and I believe that my background is uniquely suited to addressing the pressing issues likely to surface in the next few years. Although the board cannot prevent development, it certainly can work to shape future projects so they are as consistent with the town's plan as possible. If elected, that is what I hope to do.

I am applying as a write-in candidate. Should you wish to vote for me, write me in as Dan Holzman, 59 Blaisdell Drive. Thank you for your support.

Dan Holzman