Friday, May 1, 1998

Spring sports or the maiden voyage of the Disco Bus

by Barbara Boardman

With the start of the spring sports season I decided that it was time to reflect. It is the time of year when you only see friends that have a child on a team where your own offspring is playing. As the mother of twin sons playing on two lacrosse teams and one soccer team, my social whirl will definitely be curtailed for the next seven weeks. Already we are getting in the habit of meals on the run and dressing like we are going to the Antarctic via Africa for an afternoon game. My spouse, who is also on two soccer teams, keeps insisting that we can take care of everything next weekend. Friends who have kids in other activities just have to be fitted into the life of practices and games every day but Thursday.

Well, we used to have Thursday until my husband's company decided to join an ultimate Frisbee league, Of course their games are on Thursday and my sons are going to be proud members of the Disco Bus team, a great play on a transportation software design firm. Needless to say there is the question of sponsorship. The company is buying the shirts and paying for the league registration. However, they are not paying for the fields, in case one of the senior team members is injured and would hold the company liable for personal stupidity or the inability to age gracefully. Also the league rule that the team has to have two female players on the field at all times has created an emergency situation. Now there has been serious discussion about who can be roped into the game. Then there was the first game last Thursday. As I was out of town and the kids were visiting grandparents in Florida my spouse was going to be the sole family representation. I called late that night to hear how the maiden voyage of the Disco Bus had gone. Well, it was interesting. Apparently the weather was not the type that serious athletes enjoy. Therefore, pizza and beer were ordered for the office and instead of playing they discussed how the game might have been if the team had played. I guess for a software design firm virtual ultimate Frisbee is like actually playing. This could be a plan; at least the family would still have Thursdays off.