Friday, May 8, 1998

Kristin Bergstrom of Orchard Acres and Ashley Khederian, of Pheasant Hill Lane have both qualified for the state gymnastic championships to be held the middle of May. Bergstrom is a level seven gymnast and Khederian is a level eight gymnast. Both girls are members of the A team at the Gymnastic Academy of Boston in Acton.

David Simpson of Judy Farm Road, a sophomore at Middlesex School, has been awarded Honors Credit for his academic accomplishments in the first semester.

Jean and Burt Buckborough, Barbara Ritz, Paul and Peggy Gill, Judy Larson, Dave and Estelle Keast and Jim and Ella Russell of Concord, all fans of artist Maris Platais, traveled to Boston by stretch-limo on Saturday night to attend the opening of an exhibit of Platais' recent paintings at the Guild of Boston Artists on Newbury Street.

Organizer of this "Friends of Maris Night-Out-on-the-Town" was Judy Larson of Forest Park Drive. After the reception, the group made their way by limo to Barrett's Restaurant overlooking the U.S.S. Constitution in Charlestown for dinner and then returned to Carlisle by 10:30 p.m.

Estelle Keast of Westford Street found champaign aboard the ten-seat limo quite extraordinary and the warm welcome at the gallery by the whole Platais family heartwarming.