Friday, May 8, 1998



The following address was made by selectman Michael Fitzgerald at the beginning of the May 4 Annual Town Meeting.

I don't believe I need to remind anyone gathered in the auditorium tonight that the volunteers who give of themselves, devoting a great deal of their own time and energy, act as the glue which holds our town government together. Without the efforts of these volunteers, life here in Carlisle would not be as we know it.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the following individuals who have recently stepped down from their work on the following town committees.

William Reeder - housing authority

Francis Ferreira - assessor

Patrice Drew - board of health

Ernie Huber - board of health

Linda DiBiase - library trustees

Susan Yanofsky - planning board

Sally Duscha - planning board

Burt Rubenstein - school committee

Debra Lyneis - school committee

Bonnie Miskolczy - registrar

Eugene Sheftelman - registrar

Judith Berkes - council on aging

Wanda Nugent - council on aging

Evelyn Connors - youth commission

William Holland - trails committee

Gail Leftwich - board of appeals

Ralph Anderson - Carlisle 2000

Sarah Andreassen - Carlisle 2000

Vivian Chaput - Carlisle 2000

Michael Fitzgerald - Carlisle 2000

Beth Hambleton - Carlisle 2000

Lois Surgenor - Carlisle 2000

I apologize if I have missed anyone. Please join with me in thanking these individuals for their time and efforts. We own them all a great deal of gratitude.