Friday, May 8, 1998

Quotes and Quips from Town Meeting

"That's the loudest I've said 'I do' since I got married."

—Moderator Howard Hensleigh,

upon being sworn in

"We've got a lot of trees here in town, and we know that money does not grow on them."

—Selectman Michael Fitzgerald

"We have math texbooks that are 27 years old. We should send those to the transfer station to improve our rates."

—Rich Coleman

"Voters lack commitment to and understanding of Town Meeting. In the 1980s an average of 16.5 percent attended Town Meeting. In the 1990s it was 13.3 percent, but in the 1995-96 meetings the average was only 10.6 percent."

—Beth Hambelton,

Carlisle 2000 Task Force.

This year, 421 of 2,942 registered voters or 14.3 percent were in attendance.

"I'm glad Carlisle is moving in the direction that it's okay to make money in Carlisle as well as to have money in Carlisle." —Sarah Goldsmith, responding to zoning bylaw for barn reuse

"What about the leaching field," asked someone from the audience? "We'll put the leaching field under the ballfield. It will make a heck of a lawn."

—Mark Spears,

recreation commission