Friday, May 8, 1998

Support for Ballantine

To the Editor:

I have known John Ballantine since just after we moved to Carlisle nine years ago, and I think John would be superb as a selectman.

John's past experience with town government has prepared him to serve well in this post. Having served as a member and chair of the FinCom and member of the personnel board, John knows a great deal about the town's finances and the budget process. He also understands how the town works as a whole–what each of the many boards and committees do, the issues that confront them, and what they need to keep going.

John has done research in education (particularly vocational training issues), and this gives him a valuable perspective on the problems the town's schools face in educating more children and providing for an expanded special education caseload without a concurrent expansion of the tax base.

Finally, I really think that John believes the government of the town should be an open process, that public discussion of the community's problems and issues is worthwhile. He listens carefully to what others have to say, and seems to respect what others think who differ from him, and that civility seems important for the kinds of questions the town faces.

Rik Pierce

Westford Street