Friday, May 8, 1998

Support for Peterson

To the Editor

I have gotten to know Greg Peterson over the last few years through our work for the Carlisle Conservation Commission. Greg embodies many of the qualities that are desirable in a selectman. He undertakes commitments with thoroughness and attention to detail and presents his opinions in a carefully reasoned way, all while working cooperatively with others.

Those who don't know Greg may not be familiar with the contributions he has made to the town. As a lawyer, he has provided the selectmen with technical assistance on the O'Rourke land as well as on other parcels in the Estabrook Woods area. In his practice, he has dealt with legal and political issues in areas of current concern to the town. His guidance can be of great benefit to this community and his technical skills and contacts in the larger political arena will be valuable in helping the town reach out to Beacon Hill to affect legislation which is important to our community.

Greg is a gentle and effective consensus builder. I plan to vote for Greg because he brings qualities to this position that Carlisle needs now.

Beth Hambleton

Russell Street