Friday, May 8, 1998

Carlisle music students selected

The Carlisle Schools' Music Department is pleased to announce that twelve student musicians were chosen, by way of a difficult audition procedure, to participate in the Massachusetts North-East Junior District Festival Band or Orchestra. Over eight hundred seventh-, eighth-, and ninth-grade students from eighty middle schools or junior high schools from across the north-east region of the state auditioned at North Reading High School in January. Fewer than two hundred students were finally selected to perform in one of the two instrumental ensembles.

Although Carlisle has always been well-represented in these festivals in past years, it is noteworthy that all Carlisle Middle School students selected this year received unusually high placements in their respective instrument sections.

The following brass, woodwind and string players were selected for the Orchestra, a distinct honor: Brian Lee, first violin; Aaron Pinsky, assistant principal French horn; Laura Watson, clarinet; Anne Lyneis and Kate Peterson, oboes.

The Festival Band students included Stephen Yu, principal clarinet; Roshni Kapadia, first clarinet section, Karina Przyjemski, assistant principal bassoon; Nick Rubenstein, principal French horn; Meaghan Kilian; first trumpet section; Brian Abend, trumpet; and Liam McNeill, trombone.

Students rehearsed for four hours on both Friday, March 6 and on Friday, March 20, and all participated in a wonderful concert on Saturday, March 21 at the beautiful new auditorium at Lowell High School.

Congratulations to these fine musicians!