Carlisle School student art exhibit at Gleason Public Library

submitted by Courtney Longaker

For the months of March and April, the Gleason Library is hosting an art show highlighting artwork done by Carlisle students in grades K–8.  With the help of local artist and designer Emily Stewart and library director Angela Mollet, the show will be on exhibit through April 29.

The show features a wide range of artworks including drawings, paintings, and sculpture created by CPS students during the 2011 - 2012 school year.

This is the sixth consecutive year for the student art show at the Gleason. The displays are grouped by grades throughout the entire library. With community outreach as both a visual arts and school district goal, the location of the exhibit allows not only students and parents to see the work, but also other members of the Carlisle and surrounding communities who visit the library.

The Carlisle School art department is led by Courtney Longaker, who teaches middle school art twice weekly, and Rachel Levy, who teaches elementary art once weekly. Rachel Levy also teaches an art club that meets after school once a week. With the addition of art club, students are given the opportunity to explore their creative ideas and talents through projects that are an extension of the visual arts curriculum. It also allows students to work more independently on a specific project for weeks at a time, in order to create a high-quality, developed work of art.

The visual arts curriculum is vertically aligned to ensure that the students move effortlessly from one grade to the next, building on the materials, methods and techniques they have learned the previous years. All projects meet the Massachusetts state framework requirements. Examples of historical art and integrated projects are also on display, including Inuit-inspired animal prints, Mexican-inspired clay suns, and self-portraits. With a wide range of student drawings, paintings and sculpture, the art show offers a good representation of the entire elementary and middle school curriculum.

Carlisle Public School has also been recognized for the past seven years by the Boston Globe’s Alliance for Young Artists as having an award-winning visual arts department.