Gleason Library gala glitters

by Anne Marie Brako

SOLD OUT! Living Art curators (left to right) Emily Stewart, Amy Livens, Jean Jassaitis Barry and Angela Urban display the poster promoting the wildlysuccessful Essence of Gleason gala. (Photo by Anne Marie Brako)

Until the end of November you can see the work of over 70 artists from Carlisle at the Gleason Public Library. The show, entitled “Essence of Carlisle,” marks the ten-year anniversary of the Art at the Gleason program. It is the second time the effort has featured Carlisle artists exclusively; the first time occurred in 2005 to celebrate Carlisle’s bicentennial celebration when a full-scale search for exhibitors occurred. Invitations to the current exhibit went out to this list of known Carlisle artists and others the program curators have learned about since that time.

“We are always trying to feature local artists but certainly always on the lookout for interesting art wherever,” said program curator Andrea Urban, who has been with the Art at Gleason program since its inception a decade ago with fellow curator Brooke Cragan.  Urban still works on the Art at the Gleason program, but credited fellow curators Amy Livens, Emily Stewart and Jean Barry as key in developing this year’s Essence show and other shows during the year.  Urban reported most of 2012 programming as already booked.

The Art at the Gleason curators collaborated with four other volunteers on a committee for the Essence effort, a major fundraiser this year for the library. Although 20% of sales of the artwork goes to the library, 30% of the profit from the Essence show will benefit the library and some exhibitors are even donating 100% of the purchase price to the Gleason. Ten artists had donated pieces for use in a raffle although 17 pieces ended up being included in the effort.

The main fundraising event of the Essence show was a cocktail party held last Saturday, November 5, at the Gleason. The show sold out the 150 capacity limit, and a long waiting list ensued. The curators limited parking at the Gleason to the handicapped and elderly on the night of the event; “chauffeurs” (a.k.a. beleaguered partners) had to drop off their dates at the door before taking advantage of nearby municipal parking at various town sites in the center.

Adults only, please

Most Carlisle contributors to the Essence show are adult artists. Some make their living solely with their art pieces; others work in a related field such as graphic arts or teaching; a few subsidize their creative outlets with another completely different profession; but many view their art work as a hobby. A couple of younger people have work in the show, but given the serious nature of the Art at the Gleason program, few were invited to submit. In fact, other venues exist for the young to display work at the Gleason, including shows uniquely focused on Carlisle student work from the town middle school and high schools (both CCHS and Minuteman), and even a show featuring local students studying art at college.

The accompanying chart lists the 71 Carlisle exhibitors at the event with the names of their pieces. Some have shown work at the Gleason before in solo and group shows. Every artist could only display one piece of work at the show to maximize available wall space for all exhibitors; however, artists who donated a piece to the library raffle could display another in the show. As artists could show only one piece, many chose to exhibit what they consider their best or a signature piece, hence many carry the label “NFS” (Not for Sale).

The curator did make a quantity exception  for the jewelry and ceramic categories due to the small size of these pieces in a case. “Sold” pieces must remain in place for the entire show although Urban said that in special circumstances (birthday, out-of-town gift recipient, etc.) she will permit its release if that artist has another piece available as a replacement.

The success of the “gala” party had many people clamoring for a repeat event from Carlisle artists next year. In the interim, you can visit with the artists at a special reception planned for Saturday, December 10, from 1 to 2:30 p.m.     ∆

Tour the “Essence of Carlisle” exhibit at the Gleason Library


   Piece title


Main entrance wall

(across from reference librarian)

Nancy Kronenberg

Karin Lemmerman

Prescott Behn

Maris Platais

Joan Rolfe

Nancy Roberts

Mollie McPhee

“Summer and Winter”

“Backyard Ferns”


“River Road Farm”

“Dock Reflections, Boothbay Harbor”

“Owen jumping into Squam Lake”

“Walk the Bog”

handwoven textile


oil painting

acrylic painting

digital photography

silver gelatin print


Wall opposite circulation desk

Kathleen McDonough

“Great Brook - Hazy day”

oil on canvas

P. Sellew, B. Stevens



Wall and case near bubbler

Beth Bourque

Suzanne Hill

Francoise Bourdon

“Daybreak at Nauset Beach”

“Mesa Storm”

“Auberge du Mache`”


ceramic covered jar


Circulation desk

Suzanne Revy

“T Shirt 2009”

silver gelatin print

Peter Sellew



Wall facing west (past copier)

Sally Zielinski

Joan Kocak

Nina Nielsen

David Kulik

“Stillmeadow Farm, Carlisle”

“Grace’s Cove”

“Two in One”

“Silk Cotton Tree”

oil painting


oil and sand on canvas

photographic ink, jet print

Case (west wall)

Robert Webster

Glen Urban

Suzanne Hill

Diane Delgado



“Coral dusk”

“Renaissance Wedding Plate”

maple berl pot

bronze on wood stand

ceramic vessel

decorated stoneware

Wall facing route 225

Judy Bangs

Kay Edelberg

Cathi Webster

Doug Hansel

Robin Emerson

Lin Xu

“Mountain Snow”


“Beach Walk, Cape Cod”

“Teal vase”

“The Entrepreneurial Spirit”

“Prayer Flags Waving…”

ink and watercolor

woven tapestry


high-fire porcelain



Wall facing east

Chris Gounaris

Gay Campbell

Monica Granfield

Sukie Reed

Kathleen O’Hara

“Hydrangea on Rockwall”


“Winter’s Warmth”

“Salt Marshes”


silver gelatin print



pen and ink watercolor wash

acrylic on handmade paper

Around corner

John Brewer

“A New England Point of View”

digital photography

Case abutting central staircase

Ann James

Tim Fohl

Emily Burchill Stewart

“Shaker Box”

“Torso - Positive and Negative”

“Portrait of a Townsend Solitaire”

cherry and lace wood

steel and oak

guache on birch panel

Bottom of central staircase

Glen Urban


wood sculpture

Staircase wall

(above sculpture, then opposite wall)

Susan Lehotsky

Mary Louise Petrie

Willa Desousa

Miles Goff

Nancy Stadtlander

Phyllis Hughes

Bill Brown

Mary Cassat Grant

“Garden Abstract”

“Great Brook Farm, Swampy Pond…”

“Vanilla Cones”

“Oia Village, Greece”

“Turnip Island Emerging from the Fog”

“Sunrise, Mañana Island”

“Still Life - One and Only”

“Here Where You Are Standing”







oil painting


Case, 2nd floor

Kirsty Ball

Jane Rogoff

rings, earrings, bracelet, necklace


sterling silver jewelry

resin sculpture

2nd floor, south and west wall

(turn left from case, and walk to wall)

Mimi Flanary

Betty Valentine

Dave Guarnaccia

Sally Zielinski

Sara Cassidy Smith

George Middleton

Pam Ziehler

Lonnie Harvey

“The Colors”

“Woodspring Camp”

“Winter Snow – Tophet Swamp”

“Sugar maples at Towle Field”

“Vermont Countryside”

“Standing Wave”

“Crow Warrior, Reenactment…”

“Golden Light 2008”



silver gelatin print

oil painintg

acryllic on canvas

acryllic emulsion on paper

sepia tone on canvas

oil monoprint

2nd floor east wall

Lorna Phillips

Patrick Bourque




clay sculpture

2nd floor left column

Bill Brown

“Still Life - One and Only”

oil painting

2nd floor right column

Char Ann Brown

“Chinese Still Life”

oil painting

2nd Floor

On wall at right of central staircase

Larry Bearfield

“Shattered Images: United Resolved”

mixed-media sculpture montage

2nd Floor

Opposite wall of central staircase

Gail Fitzpatrick

“What I Can Do Right Now”

acrylic on canvas

Children’s Reading Room

and Reference Area

Dayna Talbot

Tony Mariano

Brooke Cragan

Denise Kracz

Wei Du

Suzanne Revy

Evan McGlinn

Cindy Jaquith

Deb Stein

“Tuscan Glow”

“Tuscan Glow”

“Brook Trout”

“Simply Pomegranite”


“T Shirt”

“Revolutionary Road”

“Valle Crucis, North Carolina, 2007”

“Klee at Play”

encaustic painting

electron microscopy


oil painting

Chinese ink on Xuan paper

gelatin silver print


digital photo collages

quilt, silk and wool

Bottom of stairs

Cindy Jaquith

“Paris Idaho, 2006”

digital photo collages

Outdoor sculpture

Jon Golden

Jic Davis

“Tripodidon Triumvirate”

“Stone Turtle”

found steel and iron

Carlisle granite sculpture