Carlisle School’s annual goals outlined

by Karina Coombs

“We’re going to have a busy year,” said Carlisle School Superintendent Joan Wickman. Wickman presented the 2013-2014 school district goals at the October 10 meeting of the Carlisle School Committee (CSC), with the goals falling into the four categories used in previous years.


While the school district will continue to work on Common Core standards and expand engineering into all grades, it is also addressing a number of new state required assessments and program requirements: District Determined Measures which look at how student learning is assessed by educators, and developing a professional development plan for a new English Language Learner program.

In a continued effort to reach all students, the school would also like to have the new math specialist work directly with teachers on their math curricula, including different types of math instruction. The specialist would also work directly with struggling students.

Clark Farm will also be incorporated into more curricula as is appropriate by grade.

A community of respect

To assist with its goal of a safe and healthy learning environment by fostering a community of respect, the district would like staff to work with behavior specialist Dr. Nancy Rappaport to further their skills in working with students with special behavior needs.

The school would also like to offer bully prevention training to the school community: staff, students and parents. Director of Student Support Services Jack Tiano explained that there are a lot of misperceptions about what bullying is.

Integrating technology

While continuing to expand and integrate iPad use in both seventh and eighth grade, the school would also like to begin exploring the benefits of iPads for sixth graders and the ways in which they are used in elementary grades at other elementary schools. The district is also looking at integrating an electronic teacher evaluation tool as well as piloting an online assessment tool.

Resources and space needs

Finally, in an effort to manage space needs within the school and other resources, the school is looking at a number of new reporting tools for the management of staff time off, attendance and demographic reporting, building maintenance reporting and a new substitute calling system. The school is also launching a new website and will provide staff with training on updating department pages.

Superintendent goals

In addition to seeing that the district goals are met, Wickman also outlined her professional goals for the new school year. Wickman will spend the next year working closely with members of the school community to familiarize herself with all aspects of the district. She will also implement and monitor the new educator evaluation system. She will be meeting with CSC Chair Mary Storrs and member Melissa McMorrow throughout the year to evaluate progress.

Wickman is also working with the CSC and the Finance Committee liaison to prepare the FY15 budget. ∆