CSC meeting shorts, October 10

by Karina Coombs

Volunteer thanked

High school senior Andrew Gorecki was recognized for his volunteer work at the Carlisle School during the October 10 Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting. Gorecki spent over 100 hours cleaning, staining and repairing the Castle playground as part of an Eagle Scout service project (See “Carlisle playgrounds epitomize community spirit,” October 9.) Chair Mary Storrs presented Gorecki with a poster signed by students thanking him for his work and a framed photo of the playground. Gorecki submitted receipts to the CSC totaling $191 for the cost of materials excluding the stain, which was purchased from the school’s ground maintenance fund.

Homeless policy reviewed

The CSC went over a number of school policies that will be voted on at the next meeting. “Are we required to have a policy on this?” asked member Josh Kablotsky about the homeless student policy. “We are required to transport and spend money to educate kids in towns where they are sheltering,” said Superintendent Joan Wickman. She explained if someone lived and was educated in Carlisle and became homeless, “Carlisle is responsible, like other towns, to transport and fund the child coming back to Carlisle.”

Federal law requires that states allow homeless students the option to be educated in either their home district or the district of their shelter or temporary residence. Both districts must share transportation costs to a student’s district of origin or district of choice and there is no reimbursement.

FY15 budget planning underway

The CSC is beginning budget discussion meetings for FY15. Storrs will be meeting with Wickman and member Louis Salemy and will also be speaking with David Model, the Finance Committee liaison. Storrs believes that by its November meeting the CSC will have more information.

Kablotsky said that as a member of the Long-Term Capital Requirements Committee, he has had a number of conversations about the school’s technology spending, particularly reccurring technology budgets of $80,000. The committee is asking about the school’s real technology costs, the current assets and how long the school keeps the assets. Business Manager Susan Pray told Kablotsky that the technology budget was under review. ∆