photos of the week
01aRP ParachuteSS
UPLIFTING EXPERIENCE Carlisle Elementary students manipulate a parachute to keep balls aloft during Field Day at Spalding Field on Friday, June 8. (Photo by Rik Pierce)

01cNH DragonflySS
DO THEY SNEEZE?A dragonfly perches on a lily pad dusted in pollen at the Cranberry Bog last week. (Photo by Nancy Hartle)

05aDSmith KayTreeClimbSS
A NEW VIEW.A Biodiversity author Kay Fairweather demonstrated tree climbing at the annual meeting of the Carlisle Conservation Foundation on Sunday, June 10. (Photo by Dana Smith)

06aNHartle Dragonfly2SS
HERE THERE BE DRAGONS.A female blue dasher dragonfly alights on a stalk at the Cranberry Bog. (Photo by Nancy Hartle)

07aDF MarjieFindlay
THANK YOU.Carlisle Conservation Foundation (CCF) Vice President Wayne Davis (left) thanks Marjie Findlay for her 30 years on the CCF board at the CCF Annual Meeting on June 10. (Photo by David Freedman)

09aKA GrahamAFrogSS
3-2-1 LAUNCH!Graham Aeschliman, age 3, scoping out a possible candidate for the Frog Jumping Contest at Old Home Day. (Photo by Kathleen Aeschliman)

09bDF KayRoyTreesSS
PLEASE PASS THE GREY POUPON.On Sunday, June 10, Kay Fairweather and Roy Herold, students of Andrew Joslin, demonstrated what they had learned about tree climbing. (Photo by David Freedman)

11aGM CarlyCheltonSS
NEW EMT.Fire Cheif David Flannery (left) welcomes Carly Chelton of Munroe Hill Road who was appointed to the fire department at the regular EMT training session on June 6. Carly recently certified as an emergency medical technician (EMT) in Massachusetts. She is a student at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, and is home for the summer after completing her second year. She contacted the department last fall after learning from Doug Stevenson the department needed additional EMTs. Carly has also been working part-time while at college with the Canton Fire Department and the St. Lawrence University Emergency Medical Services. Carly is a welcome addition to the team and is the third female EMT to be added in the past year. (Photo by Firefighter/EMT George Middleton)

12aRP ChairsPassForwardSS
TAKE A SEAT.Household Goods of Acton scored an abundance of donated chairs at Carlisle’s Pass It Forward Day on Saturday, June 9. (Photo by Rik Pierce)

13aRP SackRaceSS
HOP TO IT.Sack racers (left to right) Elizabeth Sproule, Luke Gettings, Luis Falcons and Alice Deignan have fun at Field Day on Spalding Field on June 8.(Photo by Rik Pierce)

16aSS CFCGervaisSS
NATURE GIRLS.Emmi Gervais and her mom Sammi examine the natural world with younger sibling Jamie at the Carlisle Family Connection’s picnic at Great Brook Farm State Park on June 9. (Photo by Susan Stumpf)