Open Meeting Law and the State Legislature

To the Editor:

The League of Women Voters (LWV) of Concord-Carlisle supports the expansion of the state’s open meeting law to the state Senate and House of Representatives.

Every town board, town committee and school committee in Carlisle is subject to the state’s open meeting law requiring that Carlisle’s business be conducted in public. The state legislature thought transparency was important enough to pass the open meeting law.

But the House and Senate designated one exception to that transparency guideline – the legislature itself. The recent spectacle of amendments to the casino gambling bill being hashed out behind the closed doors of the Democratic caucus reinforces the need to pass legislation requiring the legislature itself to be subject to the open meeting law.

The Concord-Carlisle League urges voters to contact our state Representative Cory Atkins (617-722-1572) and state Senator Susan Fargo (1-617-722-2692) and express your support for subjecting the legislature to the same open meeting rules imposed on all other government bodies.

Cindy Nock and Paula Vandever,


LWV Concord-Carlisle

Corrections to exhibit summary

To the Editor:

We would like to thank The Carlisle Mosquito for ongoing coverage of art exhibits at the Gleason Public Library and for serving as an invaluable resource keeping the Carlisle community informed.

In the recent Mosquito article entitled “Gleason Library gala glitters” from November 11, there are a few omissions and factual errors that we felt should be clarified. In the list of artists in the Essence Show, a few artists were missing – including Jill Goldman, Bonnie Miskolczy and D’Ann Brownrigg. There were 15 donated items for the raffle, plus two flower arrangements (by Emily Stewart). For those artists who donated pieces for the raffle, we thank you: Glen Urban, Kathleen McDonough, Doug Hansel, Ann James, Kirsty Ball, Monica Granfield, Sally Zielinski, Nancy Roberts, Cathi Webster, Gay Campbell, Suzanne Revy, Susan Lehotsky, Jon Golden, Suzanne Hill and Deb Stein.

The article published on November 11 mentioned that we limited the number of participants in the show due to the “serious nature of the Art at the Gleason,” which is simply untrue. We attempted to reach out to the community at large, encouraging anyone in Carlisle to participate in the art show, including an ad in the Mosquito, press releases, library emails and on the library website.  As curators of the Art at the Gleason program, our aim is to be open to all, non-judgemental (as art is so subjective) and not juried. We want anyone to feel comfortable participating in any of our exhibits, whether they are a new or veteran artist.

The Art at the Gleason program would like to thank the entire Carlisle art community and everyone who supported the November 5 fundraising event and raffle.

The community art show, “The Essence of Carlisle,” will be up until the end of December and there will be an artists’ reception on December 10, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. at the Gleason Library. All are welcome.

Jean Jasaitis Barry

Amy Livens

Emily Burchill Stewart

Art at the Gleason Program Curators

Thanks to Scott Jenney

To the Editor:

Carlisle Grows Green, The Carlisle School Organic Garden & Composting Project, would like to publicly thank Scott Jenney of Carlisle-based Jenney Landscape for answering the call for “browns” (mulched leaves) for our compost project. Leaves are a terrific, free, local and abundant resource of “browns” (carbon) needed to balance the “greens” (nitrogen) of food scrap collections.

Scott not only delivered enough mulched leaves to fill two bin sections, he stayed on the scene to help transfer the leaves from his truck to the bins and shared some professional leaf gathering strategies with the rest of our volunteer crew to make the job go as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Thank you, Scott, for the time, support and the community spirit you demonstrated by providing this gift to our project!

Launa Zimmaro,

Carlisle School Garden and Composting Project Team Facilitator

Lowell Street