Excerpts from Deputy Fire Chief David Flannery's talk at the Kids Walk for Heroes

First I want to express my appreciation to Ellen Davin, Beth Bourque, Marcy Guttadauro, Denise Dray and Judy Giles for organizing this event and for their leadership in our community.

A word of appreciation to all of you who have participated today, who came out, who walked, and who contributed to the fund for the widows and children of the New York City firefighters and police officers. On behalf of the widows and children of the NY firefighters I thank you for both your thoughts, and expressions. Your presence and support are visible signs of our community spirit and resolve.

I especially want to say thank you to each and every one of the young people here, students of the Carlisle Schools, for their work in seeking pledges and for walking today for our fallen heroes, the firefighters and police officers who gave their lives in service to their community on September 11....

A hero is someone who shows great strength, is admired for his or her achievements and accomplishments, and is one who shows great courage. I would like to suggest that you to look into your own family, your school, place of work, your class, church, or scout group, or your friends, and you will find someone with the qualities of a hero. I would suggest that all heroes are not movie stars and rock musicians. Yes, heroes exist in other places too. Just look and you will find them. I can confidently say that none of the firefighters here today would admit to being heroes. That is just part of being who we are. We are here to serve and protect our community. We don't seek to be stars or in the spotlight. We are here to keep our town safe and be there when you need us, being there to help you. And we will be.

Everyone returns to the school plaza for refreshments and speeches (Photo by Marcy Guttadauro)

David Flannery in his firefighter gear, addresses the families (Photo by Marcy Guttadauro)

John Sullivan (Photo by Marcy Guttadauro)

Minutemen lead parade (photo by Beth Bourque)

Carlisle kids respond

The Kids Walk for Heros. the one-mile walk to benefit the New York Police and Fire Department Widows' and Childrens' Fund proves a grand success raising $15,000