BOH meeting shorts, March 25

by Karina Coombs

90 Long Ridge Road

Health Agent Linda Fantasia asked the Board of Health (BOH) to approve a revised septic plan for 90 Long Ridge Road, formerly part of property at 100 Long Ridge Road. Owners Jeffrey and Lisa Brem had appeared before the Planning Board on March 10 with an Approval Not Required (ANR) plan for dividing two lots at 100 Long Ridge Road: their 9.48-acre property and a two-acre lot. The plan was endorsed for the two parcels.

During the March 25 meeting, Fantasia explained that the property is being sold and a well driller had recently come to the BOH office asking for a well permit. A septic plan had originally been approved for the property in 2006. It then received a one-year extension, thereby causing it to fall under the state’s four-year extension act making the plan still valid. A garbage grinder that had once been part of the approved plans was removed, changing the design flow. Fantasia asked Brem to certify the plan as a new model configuration. In addition, because the lot area had changed with the ANR and included a nitrogen loading restriction and easement, Fantasia wanted the survey plan included in the filing.

BOH member Cathy Galligan explained that anything related to the Long Ridge Road property would come under scrutiny and the board should vote on approval instead of leaving it up to Fantasia alone. The board voted unanimously to approve the plan, including the survey plan as a part of the plan of record. They also approved the revised septic plan to show a change in design flow with the elimination of the garbage grinder. 

Health and medical coordinating coalitions 

Fantasia explained that there is currently a reorganization of public health regions. Instead of the current five regions, the state is moving to six hospital-centered Health and Medical Coordinating Coalitions to provide, “A coordinated 24/7 emergency response consisting of five disciplines representing hospitals, EMS, large community health centers, long-term care facilities and public health.” 

The hospital-centered coalitions were developed in 2013 and have a four-year facilitation process until fully implemented by June 2017. Fantasia added that the public health emergency preparedness funding that Carlisle had received for the past ten years would be moved to the new regional coalition instead. Chair Bill Risso said that the funding should continue to be given to the towns. Fantasia estimated the town had spent $4,000 of these funds last year.

Fantasia also expressed concern that Carlisle was slated to merge with another region that represented 27 communities including Newton, Somerville, Cambridge and others. She believed the particular needs and population of Carlisle did not make for a good match with them. Fantasia will draft a letter for board approval outlining her concerns. 

Rabies clinic

The rabies clinic co-sponsored by the BOH and Countryside Veterinary Hospital was held on March 15 at Town Hall. The event was open to the general public and 20 cats and 17 dogs were vaccinated. 

Because there was a shortage of adult volunteers, Administrative Assistant Bobby Lyman was asked to work during the event. Galligan assumed they would be able to pay her salary out of the funds earned from the event, but later learned from Finance Director Larry Barton that any money received goes back into the town’s general fund account. Calling it a “learning experience,” Galligan explained that Lyman would instead be paid from the regular BOH operating account without it having a long-term impact on the budget.

Benfield update

Benfield Farm was issued a temporary Certificate of Compliance by the BOH on February 25 so they could address a number of outstanding items. During that meeting Mark Beaudry of Meridian Associates and Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH) Director of Real Estate Development Toby Kramer assured the board they would be able to finalize things in the “next several weeks.” Snow cover had been cited as a factor in delaying ground measurements. (See, “BOH grants temporary Certificate of Compliance to Benfield,” March 5.) Fantasia noted that since that meeting she had received no updates from either Beaudry or Kramer. The Certificate of Compliance expires April 8.

Hazardous waste

Risso signed a contract from Clean Harbors for the annual hazardous waste collection at the Transfer Station scheduled for May 31. Specific information regarding the collection of used needles, other medical sharps and accepted materials is available at the BOH office in Town Hall. ∆