Center Park, "a splendid little oasis"

Sabrina Perry does her early-morning watering at Center Park. (Photo by Dave Ives)

"A splendid little oasis of calm and tranquility." This was Selectman Tim Hult's description of Carlisle's newest jewel, Center Park, on Lowell Street, next to Ferns in the town center, at the park's dedication during Old Home Day festivities. Hult continued, "Nestled among the historic colonial homes and classic churches of Carlisle Center, this is a beautiful little public place graced with a wonderful array of native flowers and plants. You can sit for a peaceful respite on commemorative granite benches and feel the profound presence of a truly historic small town, a town that continues to maintain to this day a wonderful sense of small-town community." He concluded, "This outstanding public place would not exist without the vision and persistent hard work of Sabrina Perry who, in memory of her late husband, was the force and spirit that made this park possible." (For a history of Center Park, see "How a parking lot became Center Park," Mosquito, Sept. 29, 2006.)

Townspeople should experience this park for themselves, for it is remarkable in its compactness, its beauty, its serenity and its quiet remembrances of citizens now gone.

Carved in small letters on each of three eight-foot commemorative granite benches at various locations in the park are the names of Carlisleans Jill Reichenbach, H. Russell Perry, Jr., and Caryl Peabody Lovejoy. One of two teak benches at the front of the park is in memory of Jessica H. Valentine; a plaque is being prepared. The second teak bench is available.

Two teak benches offer a restful stopping point for visitors to Center Park. (Photo by Dave Ives)

This Carlislean walked through the sun-dappled park on Tuesday morning and was reminded of the numerous tiny parks sprinkled throughout London, where people can withdraw from roaring traffic, read their newspapers or just meditate. Based on the appreciative remarks by various townspeople since the dedication of Center Park, Carlisle's newest landmark is a winner.

If you visit the park in the early morning, you might see Sabrina Perry there, watering the perennials, trees and shrubs — nurturing this small and welcome oasis, making certain it thrives for the benefit of us all.