Carlisle’s Blue Jay Studio flying again

by Ann Quenin

It seemed as if it were going to be a losing proposition—indeed, it already had been. The glory days of Blue Jay Recording Studio, when it hosted mega-recording stars, were far behind it. Foreclosed on for failure to pay its real estate taxes to the town, it suffered the indignity of being offered at auction with no reserve (minimum) price. In other words, whatever the town could get for it was better than nothing.

To glance at the list of musicians who walked through its doors is to take a brief tour through the last few decades of several musical genres. A representative list: the Platters, Aerosmith, Aimee Mann, Amy Grant, Alice Cooper, Boston, John Williams and the Boston Pops, Buckwheat Zydeco, Billy Joel, Lauren Hill, Rihanna, Roy Orbison, bringing a then-unknown from Canada named k. d. lang to re-record his hit “Crying” as a duet; Pat Metheny,  Yo Yo Ma, Carly Simon, the Pussycat Dolls, Genesis and Lady GaGa. Try reading those names without at least one song or one riff or one phrase (or one memory of the artist) popping into your head.

When the auction commenced on Halloween, with only about two dozen or so bidders, positive results were hoped for but not at all expected. Of course, we now know the result (see story on page 1.) The Blue Jay was not an albatross after all. The sale of the property should net the town over $200,000, a welcome windfall. 

What will the new owner, a young professional musician, do with his new acquisition? Use it as his own personal studio? Lure other professionals to record there? Something else altogether? Right now, all we know is that he is very enthusiastic about the purchase. That’s more than enough reason to make him welcome, and wish him very well indeed.  ∆