Down-on-the-Farm Day at Great Brook Farm State Park—
hayrides, music, animals, fun and games

09aRP FishingSS
CASTAWAY. Charlie Dodge tries his luck at the fishing hole at Great Brook Farm State Park.
(Photo by Rik Pierce)

09bRP WaterRelay
ON YOUR MARKEY, GET SET... Dominic Markey fills the milk bottle in the relay race.
(Photo by RIk Pierce)

09dRP HayRideEno
PLENTY TO SMILE ABOUT. Owen and Clancy O’Connell with Jen Eno. (Photo by RIk Pierce)

09cRP GreatBrookHorseSS
HORSING AROUND. Mounted ranger Susan Survillo lets her horse get a friendly pat from an admiring family. (Photo by Rik Pierce)

09eRP CuteKid
THE EPITOME OF COOL. A young boy takes it easy at Down on the Farm Day. (Photo by Rik Pierce)