photos of the week
01aBC FireTruckWashSS
CLEAN TEAM.Youngsters lend a hand on Wash-A-Fire-Truck Day held at the Fire Station on Saturday, September 8. (Photo by Beth Clarke)
01bBC VoteAndreassenSS
VOTING DAY.(Left to right) Carl Andreassen and James Davis vote with assistance from Election volunteers Jerry Lerman, Dale Ryder and Susan Pepple. See related article, page 7.
(Photo by Beth Clarke)

15aBC COAAngelaSS
TÊTE Á TÊTE.Angela Smith (left) and Joan Parker enjoy conversation and companionship during the COA Carlisle social hour which was held at Benfield Farms on September 10. (Photo by Beth Clarke)

12aBC WashConnorSS
Connor McLaughlin has his sponge ready to wash a fire truck. (Photo by Beth Clarke)
16aBC WashHenrySS
Henry Kliger sports his firefighter outfit while he washes a fire truck at the Carlisle Family Connection event at the Fire Station on Saturday, September 8. (Photo by Beth Clarke)
18aBC WoodSplittingSS
SPLITTING IMAGE.Getting ready for winter, Peter Richardson splits logs into firewood. (Photo by Beth Clarke)

18bBC COAWayneSS
Wayne Blake (left) and John Millican take part in the Council on Aging’s social hour on September 10 at Benfield Farms. (Photo by Beth Clarke)
20aBC WashMicaelaSS
Micaela Kagwina beams as she works at the Carlisle Family Connection’s Wash-a-Fire-Truck on September 8. (Photo by Beth Clarke)
07aBC VoteSigns
SIGNS OF THE TIMES. Supporters held signs advertising their candidates outside Town Hall during the Primary Election on September 4. (Photo by Beth Clarke)