photos of the week
01aRP PondNetsSS
NET, NET, A GREAT DAY. Charlotte Murphy, Thomas and Charlie MacIntosh netting fish at Down-on-the Farm day, Sunday, September 16, at Great Brook Farm State Park. (Photo by Rik Pierce)

09fRP WaterRelayEmmett

HAVE A HART. Emmett Hart in the water relay race. (Photo by Rik Pierce)

09hRP FeedingGoat

WHO’S GOT YOUR GOAT? Cora and Owen Quigley feed the goat. (Photo by RIk Pierce)

09gRP Magician

ABRA CADABRA. John Porcino, storyteller and musician, teacing kids a magic trick to show their parents. (Photo by Rik Pierce)

09iRP OldColdTater

SOME DOWN HOME MUSIC from the Old Cold Tater Band. Left to right, Dana King, Fran Clark, Laurie Keefe and Jay Keefe. (Photo by RIk Pierce)

09jSS IceCreamSign

(Photo by Susan Stumpf)

03cSS KatydidSS
LOOKING GOOD. A katydid inspects glasses and a smartphone at Great Brook Farm State Park. (Photo by Susan Stumpf)

05aLD TurkeySS
OUT AND ABOUT. This turkey was recently spotted strolling through a yard on Stearns Street. (Photo by Lisa Deupree)

09aRP FishingSS
CASTAWAY. Charlie Dodge tries his luck at the fishing hole at Great Brook Farm State Park.
(Photo by Rik Pierce)

09cRP GreatBrookHorseSS
HORSING AROUND. Mounted ranger Susan Survillo lets her horse get a friendly pat from an admiring family. (Photo by Rik Pierce)

13aRP CubScoutsNukeemSS
SCOUTING IT OUT. Cub Scouts play “Nuke ‘em” at Banta-Davis. Left to right, Reid Purwin (back to camera), Zhanmo Wu, Gavin Huntress, Liam Henderson and Mason Scott. (Photo by Rik Pierce)

14aCiscaErasmus MushroomSS
MUSHROOM SEASON. This impressive chicken-of-the-woods was growing near Elizabeth Ridge Road. (Photo by Cisca Erasmus)

16aRP CubScoutsArcherySS
GETTING THE POINT. Carlisle Cub Scouts enjoyed learning the fine points of archery at their first pack meeting on September 17 at Banta-Davis Field. (Photo by Rik Pierce)