Awaiting the inevitable ticket

To the Editor:

It’s going to happen. I am going to get a speeding ticket. In fact I was thinking of visiting our Police Station and getting the paperwork done ahead of time. (Please do not confuse my complaints with a complaint about those who enforce our laws. That would be far from my sentiment.)

I have lived in Carlisle since 1982. In 36 years one forms some habits. Going down the hill toward town, toward St. Irene church, straight road, clear visibility, I have always gone 35 mph or perhaps a bit more in that stretch. The former starting point for 25 mph near the center made sense, and I always slowed down there. Habits are hard to break and rolling at anything near 25 by the church is not natural—in fact it is painful.

I am not proud of the talk of getting fewer people to drive through our town by slowing drivers way down—I cannot believe it shows Carlisle in a good light. The word “friendly” does not come to mind.

I do my part, however, as a good citizen. Coming home from Concord this evening, I put my cruise control on 25 for the whole stretch coming in on Concord Street through town and down East Street. I imagine the frustrated drivers behind me will never drive here again. Traffic calming is not the same as driver calming.

One good thing though. On my bucket list, I can check off being tailgated by a bicycle.

Philip Mahler

Rutland Street

Thanks from the COA

To the Editor:

As 2018 comes to a close, let me take a moment to thank everyone who helped and supported the Council on Aging (COA), our Friends of the Carlisle Council on Aging, our seniors and various families in need. We were blessed with a great deal of support throughout the year, and we would like to ensure that each and every person who provided help either financially or with their time, knows that they made a difference in the lives of so many. We would also like to thank the many volunteers who helped with driving/visiting seniors, delivering meals on wheels, helping with events and programs, sharing their knowledge and skills and so much more. 

Thank you to our Carlisle churches, Ferns, the Mosquito, local Home Care Agencies, Assisted Living, Rehab and Long-Term Care facilities, Minuteman Senior Services, local contractors and vendors, the Carlisle Gleason Public Library, the Carlisle Public School, CCHS, Nashoba Tech and other local culinary arts programs, Police and Fire Departments and the DPW. Without the tremendous level of support, we could never reach so many individuals. 

If you aren’t one of our volunteers now, but may have some time in 2019, please give us a call at 1-978-371-2895 and we can discuss volunteer opportunities; we can always use more volunteers.

May the blessings that you bestow onto others come back to you in multitudes.

Angela Smith

Carlisle COA Outreach and Program Manager