01c MarcLamereAwardSSConservationist of the Year is Marc Lamere

On behalf of the Carlisle Conservation Commission and the Town of Carlisle, I am proud to present the 2019 Carlisle Conservationist Award to Marc Lamere. 

Marc has served the town with talent, energy, and intelligence in multiple conservation-related roles over the past 16 years.

His many contributions include:

• Leading and participating on the Trails Committee since 2001, as Chair, Treasurer, keeper of boardwalk building supplies and administrator of the Carlisle Trekker Award

• Improving the town’s trails, including securing CPA funding and leading volunteers in boardwalk construction. 

• And—dedicating his time and energy to conservation-related work on numerous town boards and committees, including nine years on the Planning Board, ten years on the Conservation Restrictions Advisory Committee, the Historical Commission and the Boy Scouts.

While serving on the Planning Board, Marc contributed to acquiring new conservation land in four separate developments, and also led the effort to have part of Woodhaven Farm deeded to the town.

Marc richly deserves to be honored, and we are delighted to add his name to the list of Carlisle Conservationists who have contributed their time and talents to natural resource conservation, open space preservation, and public service. 

Thank you Marc. And congratulations.  ∆