Dave and Florence Reed named Carlisle’s 2019 Honored Citizens

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As I was preparing the certificates and plaque for this year’s Honored Citizen, I was thinking about what is it that makes this year’s winner stand out, and I would summarize it this way; they have a tremendous sense of Community—they truly believe in Carlisle, its values, its people, and the culture of the past and vision for the future. 

Second, they epitomize the sense of giving something back, you can see this in the time devoted to town activities and willingness to step up and lend a hand, volunteering countless hours for whatever needs to be done. 

Finally, it is somewhat hard to describe, but I would express it as a positive sense of action. You know people who talk about doing something, and then there is the person that says, enough talk—let’s go—or even more likely, while we are all discussing what we should do, they are quietly out there getting it done, all with an altruistic and encouraging attitude. 

So a sense of community, volunteerism and being predisposed to act define these most honored citizens and if I ran through the full list of examples we would be here all day and well into the night—and this year’s honored citizens would probably just walk over to the car and tell the driver “let’s get on with this parade” long before I finished. 

But let me offer a short run-through of their many accomplishments and why they are truly the right couple to be named this year’s honored citizen. And yes, it is a couple this year, because I don’t believe you can separate the actions of one from the other—they are a team and where you find one, you know the other is backing them up in whatever they are doing.

This couple moved to Carlisle almost 50 years ago—and they loved this rural town, and its country nature suited them just fine, although I suspect that the quiet neighborhood they moved into had no idea what kind of tigers had just entered their midst. Block parties, music, theater, all of that and more would be talked about and then this couple would go out and just make it happen. They brought a positive energy of, “we can do this” and whatever the task, whatever the event—that is exactly what they would do. 

As their family grew, the activities shifted to T-ball, band, scouts, sports, field trips and other activities that the parenting community of Carlisle has always long supported and this couple stood in the fore-front of volunteering to support whatever needed to be done.  The energy and enthusiasm they brought to any activity would raise spirits and encourage everyone around them, even if it did embarrass their son from time to time.

But I believe that if you wanted to embody the spirit of this year’s Honored Citizens, I would encourage you to look around you. Here is a day devoted to a sense of community, where we honor volunteerism with scholarships and the entire production of this day, and it is done through the positive action of a team of willing volunteers that love this town, love to see the joy on the faces of the young and old, and believe that there is nothing we can’t do. 

That spirit didn’t just happen overnight, but came about through their long hours and selfless devotion to creating a day that celebrated the best of this community. They have embodied this day for so many of you, and by now I suspect you can guess that we are talking about Dave and Florence Reed—and if you could put a face on Old Home Day—it would be their faces. 

Smiling and telling all of us, yes, you can do this and then would show us exactly how it should be done through their selfless application of heart and energy to bring a little joy and community to this town—and maybe even a few calls to bring a bit of sun after a damp and cloudy week—how you do that is beyond me but from everyone here—Dave, Florence I want to personally thank-you for showing us that while there is much that can divide us, when we put our mind and energy to it, we can truly come together and make something magical happen.  ∆