ConsCom enforces wetland boundaries

The Conservation Commission (ConsCom) issued several decisions on activities and building projects near wetlands when they met on September 13. 

151 Bedford Road

Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard said that the wet hayfield at 151 Bedford Road that was erroneously mowed “is looking good right now.” However, the ConsCom decided not to issue a Certificate of Compliance, due to unfinished conditions in the ConsCom permit that include the lack of a stone boundary and the requirement to remove pressure-treated wooden stakes. 

Buttricks Woods violation continues

Willard said that a property owner abutting the Buttricks Woods conservation land continues to have a conservation violation due to materials placed on conservation land. “The pile keeps getting bigger,” she said. After checking with Town Counsel, she sent a letter to the landowner. She told the commissioners that it is possible to levy a fine for damage to the conservation land. Reached later, Willard explained, “Yard waste has been accumulating in a stock pile on the conservation land behind 23 Buttrick Lane. There is also a buried dog fence which may or may not have been installed by the owners of that property (but should not be there). My first letter to them was sent in 2011. Not only is this town-owned conservation land, but there is a conservation restriction on the property with The Trustees of Reservations (TTOR) as the grantee. She said that TTOR has been doing annual inspections and has notified Willard that there is a violation.

33 Sunset Road

The ConsCom approved a motion to decline to remove an Order of Conditions for owners Nicole and John Churchill at 33 Sunset Road. Willard said after inspection, she determined that all conditions have not been met. The owners have yet to fulfill ConsCom requests to remove the border of woodchips by the wetlands and install a stone-like boundary to discourage encroachment. 

Plan had too many rooms

A motion to continue the hearing for 481 Cross Street to September 27 was approved. Willard said the continuation is necessary because the applicants had made a mistake. Willard explained that the owners discovered that “the new plan has too many rooms.”

Mowing in wrong area

Work continues on the culvert drainage system at 81 Russell Street. Willard checked the site and found that mowing was be done in the wrong area. She confirmed the mowing was not done by the Trails Committee and she is following up with abutters.

Unable to reach owners

Willard reported she was unable to reach two property owners. Regarding an After the Fact (ATF) filing at 162 Nowell Farme Road, Willard reported she has not been able to reach the homeowner, Eric Flemming. She was advised to send him an email or a letter asking him to contact her or face enforcement. The ATF is in regard to trees which were removed without notifying ConsCom. 

Willard was also unable to reach the owner at 63 Hanover Road. She said she has tried to contact him regarding the expired Order of Conditions, but mail has been returned. ∆