Summer’s a time for repairs and improvements at the Carlisle School 

Floor tiles, acoustic tiles and transferring classrooms: over the summer the Carlisle School maintenance staff completed a long list of projects in preparation for opening day. At the September 12 Carlisle School Committee Meeting Facilities Manager David Flannery described the summer work. 

Several classrooms were moved to new rooms over the summer. Repairs and painting were done to the skylights over the Robbins Building faculty room. Floor tiles were replaced at the end of the corridor leading to the Grant Building corridor, ceramic floor tiles were replaced in the Wilkins Building bathrooms and new carpet tiles were installed in the Grant Building Learning Center. The Learning Center is used for small group or individual tutoring sessions and has fabric office partitions. Flannery explained that the carpet tiles will improve improve acoustics. Floor tiles were also replaced in the Corey kitchen locker room. 

Several classes were reassigned to other rooms over the summer, Flannery  said. Elementary School Principal Dennet Sidell was asked about the classroom moves. “Typically, room assignments change each school year due to the fluctuating number of students and classrooms at grades K through 4. This summer, the English Language Learner (ELL) program teacher, along with the special education teachers in grades 1 and 2, moved their office space downstairs to an empty kindergarten room. [Teacher] Kendra Katz moved from fourth grade to second grade. [Spanish Teacher] Andrea Steffek moved to Kendra’s old room and [Chinese Teacher] Chiao Bin Huang moved out of the Robbins Teachers’ room to an empty third grade classroom.”

Exterior maintenance work completed over the summer included replacing glass outside the Robbins Building, painting the Wastewater Treatment Facility and upgrading the roof and flashing on the Brick Building. 

Safety a priority

Flannery noted that one of the most important projects was to check the classrooms for hazardous materials after contractors completed their work. “A sweep of the buildings was done for any hazardous chemicals, paints or medical waste and other materials were removed from the buildings and disposed of by licensed contractors.” He explained that some things that were left behind were “inappropriate” and the materials were removed. 

Other safety checks performed included inspecting and testing the Corey gym equipment (which included removing the hanging cargo net) and testing and inspecting the Occupational Therapy equipment in the Wilkins OT room. “The staff had asked for it,” he explained. 

Pending & in progress

Trees damaged by the spring storms are being repaired and all trees are being evaluated in the playground for structural integrity by a professional tree company. “We always work on what looks bad in that the arborists will be using sounding equipment to detect hidden problems within the trees. 

Ground cover will be added at the Carlisle Castle area to improve safety. Repairs are underway on the “spiral slide.” 

Inside, the white backdrop curtain on the Corey stage will be replaced. Door hardware continues to be installed. He said that after handicap-accessible door operators were installed last year, some students continued to have challenges pushing the heavy doors. Doorways will be fitted with automatic door opener buttons on the side. 

High-efficiency lighting fixtures continue to be replaced, purchased through a Green Communities grant. Other Green Communities pending work includes LED lighting controls in the classrooms, fans in the gym to bring down the warm air and improved exterior lighting. Flannery said that he is working with Bill Risso and others on the Carlisle Energy Task Force. 

“We are looking forward to seeing the energy data,” said School Committee Chair David Model. He added that he would like to have Flannery and Risso create a proposal to “figure out the [heating and air conditioning systems] HVAC.” Flannery agreed and said there are some days when the interior of the school goes over the comfort zone.  ∆