ConsCom hears plans for native plants, boardwalks

At the September 13 Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) meeting, Laura Mattei, representing the The Sudbury Valley Trustees, presented a Notice of Intent for vegetation management on the Elliott Concord River Preserve on River Road, Map 1, Parcel 1, Lot 6. She said that work to be done includes treating (or pulling by hand) invasive plants, removing small trees (but leaving stumps) and laying five or six rocks down on the path from the river to help with walking safety. The ConsCom approved a motion to close the hearing. They issued a standard order of conditions which includes leaving stumps in place. 

Trails Committee boardwalk 

The ConsCom voted to issue a negative determination for the Trails Committee’s Rodgers Road boardwalk project, deciding that the work will not alter a wetland resource area and therefore does not require a notice of intent. The two boardwalks will connect the Banta-Davis Land to Rodgers Road. Trails Committee Chair Steve Tobin said the boardwalks should be completed in October. For more on the Rodgers Trail, see “Improved trail easement links Rodgers Road and Banta-Davis,” Mosquito, May 30. 

Native plants for the Davis Corridor

Debbie Geltner provided the ConsCom with a planting plan to substitute native plants for invasive species growing in the Davis Corridor based on the list of plants specified by Alison Saylor. The goal, she explained, is to focus on native Middlesex Country plants. ConsCom member Dan Wells offered to review the 25 pages of plants. Geltner said that Saylor is waiting for the permit from the ConsCom before starting her work. Chair Angie Verge said Saylor will need to document the “before and after” – the plants she finds on the land, those she plants and what she finds a year later. 

Tree removal work

An emergency certificate was approved at 120 Wolf Rock Road to remove trees threatening a house and wires. No work will be in wetlands. 

An emergency certificate was approved at 40 Laurelwood Drive to allow residents to clean up tree damage from the March storms. The removal of three trees was authorized. ConsCom member Lee Tatistcheff reminded the committee that Emergency Certificates are good for just one month from issue date. 

Roger Burgess of 423 Autumn Lane requested permission to remove a tree which fell in a vernal pool. The ConsCom directed Willard to request a plan from Burgess describing how the tree will be removed. Willard later explained that a small portion of the vernal pool is on Burgess’s land, while the rest of the vernal pool is on a property under a conservation restriction. She added that the fallen tree “blocks access from Autumn Lane neighborhood kids from the pond for ice skating.”

Foss Farm land use permit

A land use permit for parking at Foss Farm on September 19 and 20 was issued for photography crew parking. Reached later, Willard explained that a Bedford Road home is used from time to time as a site for filming. She said that when additional parking is needed for the crew a Land Use Permit is requested from the Conservation Commission to use the Foss Farm parking lot for overflow parking. She said, “The production company donates to the Conservation Commission’s Conservation Gift Fund as a thank you for allowing this to happen and also provides a certificate of Liability Insurance. It is important for them to check in with us for this permit so that we can ensure that no other activity (such as a horse show) is planned.  We really appreciate the contributions.”

36 Log Hill Road 

Owner Snehel Patel of 36 Log Hill Road said that he had intended to submit an updated planting plan but instead he told the ConsCom members that the current growth is adequate. The ConsCom agreed, but advised him to remove the multiflora rose. 

845 Maple Street

The ConsCom voted to issue an extension permit to owner Neil Barker at 845 Maple Street. ∆