Selectmen shorts, June 19

Electricity Aggregation

At the public information session during the June 19 Board of Selectmen’s meeting few questions were asked of Mark Cappadona representing Colonial Power Group, Carlisle’s aggregation consultant. At the onset of the meeting he said, “Every resident on Eversource Basic Power should have gotten a letter by now. If you haven’t it means you are either with a competitor supplier or you have a ‘blocked’ account. Contact Colonial Power at 866-485-5858 ext. 1 or go to the company website [].” He added, “We’re not getting the call volume we ordinarily receive from a town this size.” Selectman Alan Lewis suggested that this may be due to the coverage provided by the local newspaper. [See “What’s the buzz about Carlisle’s new electricity program?,” June 6.]

Cappadona did comment on an anomaly that very few customers might experience if they were on Eversource Basic Power and very recently signed with a competitive supplier. “If they recently signed another contract, they may be switched in error. If they chose a competitive supply and received a letter [regarding Carlisle’s Community Choice Power Supply Program] they have to opt-out of the aggregation program [to remain with the competitive supplier].”

Guarang Shah of Nowell Farme Road asked, “What happens if there are solar panels and you generate more than you use?” Cappadona replied that he would continue to receive net metering credits at the Eversource Basic Service Supply Rate [currently $0. 11397 per kWh] and would be charged for electricity used at the Colonial Power rate of $0. 10981 per kWh (kilowatt-hour).

Opportunities in town government

The Selectmen approved the list of Annual Appointments and Reappointments effective July 1. Several positions remain open and Chair Nathan Brown asked that potential candidates contact either Town Administrator Tim Goddard ( or the chair of the board/committee as listed on the town website.

Vacant positions include:

• Veteran’s Agent

• Affordable Housing Trust – Citizen-at-large representative

• Board of Registrars – Two positions

• Celebrations Committee – One  position

• Deer Committee – One position

• Finance Committee – Two positions

• Historical Commission – One position for Alternate Member

• Municipal Facilities Committee – Two positions for Alternate Members

• Personnel Board – One position

• Recreation Commission – One position

• Youth Commission – One position

• Zoning Board of Appeals – One position for Associate Member

Town vault project underway

Administrator Tim Goddard announced that the CPA-funded project to catalog, archive and preserve the town’s historical records in the town vault is underway and should be completed in a week or so. “Those of you brave enough to venture into the vault will be amazed [at the progress]. Kudos to former Town Clerk (and now a Senior Tax Worker) Charlene Hinton for seeing this project through to completion.”

Concord-Carlisle Community Chest Grant

The Council on Aging received a $12,900 grant award for funding toward COA outreach, social work, respite care  and intergenerational program support.

Next meeting agenda items

• Succession plan for Fire Chief

• Adoption of Complete Streets Policy – Planning Board and Conservation Commission support the draft policy. Selectmen await comments from the Historical Commission.

• Selectmen’s Goals – Selectwoman Kate Reid suggested to call them Action Items to “cut through some of the murkiness.”

Caroline Hill Scholarship Fund

The Selectmen approved the award of $9,000 in scholarships from the Caroline Hill Scholarship Fund for the 2018-19 academic year, to be dispersed as recommended by the Caroline Hill Scholarship Committee.

Executive Session

The Selectmen entered Executive Session to “discuss strategy with respect to litigation and to discuss strategy with respect to non-union bargaining.” ∆