Selectmen February 27 shorts

Old Home Day to be June 22 – 23

The Selectmen have approved the request of the Old Home Day Committee to use town properties, facilities and roadways on June 22 and 23 for the annual celebration. Niles and Christie Cocanour are coordinating the event. Activities begin that Friday evening with an Ice Cream Social and music on the Town Green.

Great Brook Estates

On a unanimous vote the Selectmen on February 27 conveyed to the Conservation Restriction Advisory Committee (CRAC) the Selectmen’s “inspection rights” related to a parcel called Open Space 2 that is owned by the Great Brook Estates Homeowners Association. CRAC member Marc Lamere requested the vote. He said, “This land [as Open Space] was created in 2000 but has never been inspected as far as we know. Even though this is not a state-certified Conservation Restriction, it is permanently defined open space that we believe should be inspected to be sure no infractions have occurred.” He stated that it would be added to CRAC’s list along with other CR land to be inspected on a semi-regular basis to ensure that there are no structures, construction or tree clearing.

Open Space 1 is a 3. 67-acre parcel that was conveyed to the town. Open Space 2 is a narrow two-acre strip of land that bounds the developed house lots of Great Brook Estates, a conservation cluster development served by Great Brook Path, a cul-de-sac that is off Rutland Street.

MAGIC in Carlisle

Madeleine Blake, the Planning Board’s representative to the Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination, asked Selectmen to submit an application and commitment letter to MAGIC in support of an age-friendly initiative in its FY18 Work Plan. MAGIC is a group of 13 communities northwest of Boston working collaboratively on issues of regional concern. The MAGIC towns in addition to Westford will identify age-friendly housing and transportation solutions. After a unanimous vote to participate, Chair Luke Ascolillo signed the commitment letter. MAGIC will join the AARP/WHO Network of Age Friendly Communities.  ∆