Carlisle Communications, Inc. (CCI), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is the publisher of the Carlisle Mosquito newspaper and the Carlisle Mosquito website, (www.carlislemosquito.org).

Our Mission:

The mission of Carlisle Communications Inc. is to disseminate information among residents and others interested in the town of Carlisle, Massachusetts.  CCI facilitates and promotes this initiative by publishing a weekly newspaper and utilizing other media. The newspaper is delivered free to all residents and there are no fees associated with the website.

Current Board Members (2017-2018):

Michelle Coleman, Susan Emmons (General Manager), Betsy Fell (News Editor), Sarah Hart (Vice-President), Mary Hult (Secretary), Dan Jacques, Lenny Johnson (Treasurer), Jay Luby (President), Helen Lyons, Susan Mills (Ad Manager), Greg Peterson, Ann Quenin (Feature Editor), Trevor Snorek-Yates, Penny Zezima (Chair).

Editors share one board vote.