Planning Board okays existing Brook Street subdivision plan

Viewing this Definitive Subdivision Plan as “unique” and “a special case” the Planning Board, on a unanimous vote, on March 12 approved the plan as submitted by applicants Christopher and Diane Geggis. In order to achieve the objective of affording house lots at 296 and 312 Brook Street legal frontage, the board granted a massive number of waivers from its Rules and Regulations. The new “subdivision road” involves 282, 296, 306 and 312 Brook Street (Map 13, Parcels 48-0, 47-0, 46-1 and 46A-2). The road will look no different than it does now. It will have to remain “private” but it will provide the required legal frontage for the lots at 296 and 312. (See “The six-year odyssey on Brook Street,” February 14.)

The justification 

Planning Board Chair Peter Gambino said, “The waivers are requested and are justified because no new roadway or other infrastructure construction beyond what exists will result from the approval of this Subdivision Plan, nor will there be any new building lots created by the Plan.” For a typical subdivision the Rules and Regs require items such as: an application fee, a peer review fee, earth removal and fill calculations, storm drainage runoff calculations, footpaths, a traffic study, a landscape maintenance plan and others. None of the waived items were deemed to be relevant to this application.

Additional conditions of approval 

The board did require five conditions: 

1. Prior to the endorsement of the Definitive Plan, the Board shall have received and approved for execution the Private Road Maintenance and Utilities Covenant, as reviewed and approved by Town Counsel, which shall be executed by the Lot Owners and must be recorded in the Middlesex North Registry of Deeds with the Definitive Subdivision Plan within 60 days of the expiration of the appeal period. 

2. Prior to the endorsement of the Definitive Plan, the minimum lot area variance granted for Lot 3 [296 Brook Street] by the Carlisle Zoning Board of Appeals, issued on February 20, 2018, shall be referenced on the Plan with recording information. 

3. Whenever a private driveway leading from the Subdivision Roadway is created, reconstructed or repaved, it must comply with the provisions of Article III, Sec. 5.H, of the Planning Board’s Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land, in order to prevent storm water flow from the lot onto the roadway or from the roadway onto the lot. A statement of compliance with this condition shall be submitted by the lot owner to the Planning Board and the Building Commissioner. 

4. No repaving or reconstruction of the Subdivision Roadway may be undertaken if it goes outside the boundaries of the “edge of pavement” as shown on the Definitive Plan, unless a modification of this Definitive Subdivision Plan approval is applied for and received from the Carlisle Planning Board. 

5. There shall be no parking allowed on the Subdivision Roadway, and the owners of the lots provided access over the roadway shall keep the areas indicated on the Plan as “Maintain width for turnout” free of vehicles and other obstructions.

Grade change on hold? 

In other business, Planning Administrator George Mansfield distributed a memo received from Town Administrator Tim Goddard regarding the board’s request to the Personnel Board to re-grade the position of administrative assistant Gretchen Caywood. The memo stated that the Finance Committee and Selectmen have decided not to recommend funding any re-graded positions in the FY19 budget. Goddard advised the Planning Board to continue with and complete the Personnel Board review process so as to be “ready to move forward in the event that funding becomes available in the future.” 

Gambino questioned why the Selectmen had not reached out to him to discuss the situation, and he also referred to the handicap caused by the Personnel Board’s frequent need to cancel meetings due to a lack of a quorum. The next scheduled meeting for the Personnel Board is March 19.

Accessory Apt. at 97 Hanover Rd. hearing continued 

At the request of applicant Derek Zanga (97 Hanover Road) the Planning Board, without taking testimony, continued the Accessory Apartment Special Permit public hearing to 7:45 p.m. on March 26. Δ