photos of the week
01aDL LionDanceSS
DANCING LIONS. Students and teachers watch as lions wind their way through the hallways of the Carlisle School on February 16 as the first grade Chinese classes celebrate the Chinese New Year. (Photo by Donna Lupo)
07aDL WelcomeSS
WELCOME. A sign greets visitors to the Carlisle School in many languages. (Photo by Donna Lupo)
11aDL MarisPlataisPaintingSS
BRUSH STROKES. Local artist Maris Platais gives a painting demonstration as part of the Art at the Gleason series. (Photo by Donna Lupo)
16aBWaterson BabyAmeliaSledSS
ENJOYING THE SNOW IN STYLE. Amelia Waterson slides through the new fallen snow on February 18, attired in heart-shaped sunglasses and a fashionforward snow suit. (Photo by Brian Waterson)